first off

so i have a new blog. why though? why did you made a new one instead of changing your entire blog on your old one? what made you made the switch? there are just so many questions that you guys might be asking me.

during the last week of march, i have been dealing with the fact that i am not loving my blog for some reason. the whole theme of my old blog-which is about confessions on books-didn’t really suit with me. it doesn’t feel like me. it’s just an excuse to have a title for my book blog to be honest. i didn’t know what else to title my blog. i didn’t really wanted a simple title on the blog, like say, Ryan’s Book Blog or Ryan Reads or anything else that many use that’s just basic. i am not very straightforward on many things. i wanted to make a title that’s unlike any other blog, where at least a few recognize my blog, but at the same time, i wanted my blog to be looked as different from most blogs, though all book blogs are different in their own way.

another thing why i changed my blog is because i wanted to commit myself more on blogging. i don’t blog a lot in my blog and i do get a bit jealous on other bloggers who happen to have the time to blog, especially teen bloggers who are in school as I am. i sometimes want to know how they can do it. how do they balance their blogging with school and their personal stuff they do in their lives. school can be a stress a lot, and i am dealing with that most of the time, that i wanted to relax, leading to throwing out my blogging time. i don’t want to happen to make hiatuses out of nowhere and have a lack of blog posts that is unlike other bloggers. i want my blog to be out there. i want my blog to be just full of blog posts, to show that i am putting my ass off for writing my posts.

when it comes to typing out my blog post and later edit them, i am a perfectionist. i want my blog to be full of non-typos and that I feel that my words in the post sounded like me. it takes so much time trying to perfect that. well that’s just because i look back in my past posts and end up editing them because it makes me look away from what i wrote in like, months ago. this time, i hope i will never go through that catastrophe of reediting my posts after publishing them. i will hope that i won’t ever do that. that when i am about to press “publish” after finishing my post, i would feel good and proud of what i just wrote and after pressing the button, that’ll be all for me. just move on. and then there is the fact i capitalize in every sentence. that’s what i am suppose to do. but the fact it hurts pressing “shift” and to hold the letter is what bothers me. i am that person who uses two fingers instead of all of my fingers. i don’t know how to comprehend that ability to use all my fingers, even my pinky, to type. but just to let you know, i type out my words fast. so don’t expect me to type out my words like some parent who doesn’t know how to use the internet.

so if you’re following my old blog, ryan’s bookish confessions, it’s best to unfollow that blog and go follow my blog here. i don’t want to see that i am doing my hiatus again from the fact that there is not any post showing up. i am really hoping that what i said to achieve came out true because i usually become ambitious and i would later end up being lazy and never fulfill of what I was doing.


3 thoughts on “first off

  1. I’ve been feeling like this for a while now and have been trying to revamp my personal blog but no matter what I do I’m not satisfied. I ended up making a new blog and I’m trying to create some content and consistency before I put it out there, hopefully this blog will be more in tune to you!

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    1. Sometimes, we just don’t have the perfect blog that we wanted, so we just have to keep trying until there it is. My new blog feels more comfortable with posting both bookish and non-bookish content here, though the one problem i have here is my header and blog button. I’m not the best graphic designer there is.

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