yallwest 2016: part one

hi! i’m back from this…unnotified hiatus that happened, like 2 months ago, and during that hiatus, yallwest was around the corner, which is one of the reasons i had to decide to do this, which totally makes me look like i’m such a bad blogger who can’t keep up with posting. but anyway, i’m back and i can tell you how the experience yallwest was for the second time.

day one:

yallwest-linesince yallwest is going to be more bigger than last year’s, that would mean actually getting up early to get there to be in line, which didn’t seem to be a problem. so when i got to santa monica high school (where yallwest took place for both days) in about a hour after i left home, i felt like that i got there so late because judging from where i was in the line, it looked pretty long. but as the line moved, i looked back at the line and i was pretty surprised of how long it was.

as i got in, i rushed to where the first in line tent, where i’ll receive an arc of the sun is also a star by nicola yoon because i received an email about giving them away if you show the email. and as i receive the copy, the people there told me to get another copy that they are giving away as well and the first thing i see was gemina so i told them that i want to get that book and once i have it, i feel like i was ash ketchum showing his badge and i’m him showing my badge/gemina.

ryan-and-evelynonce i got the books, i instantly saw kelly from @seekellytse and once she sees me, she tells me where i received gemina and i point to the first in line tent and kelly and her friend, grainne went there right away. after i wait for about a minute, they came back with gemina in their hands and talk about how much excited we are for reading gemina. and then as we look around the tents and grab the swag that’s on their tables, we saw evelyn skye, who wrote the crown’s game, and as we call her, she said hi back to us and she remembers me because i was in the tsar’s guard parade so it was great that she knows me. then we take pictures with her right after and to tell her how awesome her russian-themed dress was and how it correlates to the yallwest colors (kelly was the one who told her about that).

after we said our good-byes to evelyn, we decided to look around what they have and there was a line for the epic reads spin to win a book at the time and so we went to go in line. i won a copy of a season of fireflies and after we all got a book we head to the photo booth that was at the tent and we took pictures with props, though i didn’t use any of them. i also took picture with margot and i would’ve let you see it but tbh, i don’t like. what a waste…


when we got back to the area where the first in line tent, claire from blankslaters and allison from a traveling book see us and we talked a bit around that area to wait for the line to get an arc of heartless. mikee from @readwithmikee was also there with her sisters to wait. everyone who were there for the heartless line as well were as anxious as we are to make sure we get the arc. when it was about 5 minutes left to 11:00, a few people were trying to be in the line, but the person who giving away the arcs told them to wait around until it hits 11:00. and once it reach to 11:00, we rush to where the line is at as fast as we can and well, a few of us got squished to get in line, including me. luckily, we got to be around the first 10-20 people in the heartless line. and while we wait for heartless, kelly decided to take a picture of us waiting for heartless though one of mikee’s sister took this picture.

(from left to right) ryan, mikee, kelly, claire, and allison

right after we each received our own copy of heartless, we each parted way and i’ve actually get to hang out with claire and her mom (your mom seems to be cool, claire, if you’re reading this post) since we were about to head to the food trucks. so we got our food (grilled cheese), which i thought was good…enough for 5 bucks and we headed to the other area of yallwest that i haven’t gone to, which is the book signings and the other tents placed there. once claire, her mom, and i got to the area, we see a line for an arc giveaway of what light at the penguin teen booth, so we decided to go in since it was a pretty short and fast line and just why not? then we look around the book sales just to see what books are there and ironically, i’m usually a “binge book buyer” but for the whole yallwest experience, i haven’t bought a single book.

then for the next hour, i had no idea what to do since there was nothing on my itinerary for the hour and so, we just look around and wait for the bookswap at the quad since claire didn’t had anything to do as well. so once the bookswap started, well in my opinion, it did feel a bit messy, but you know it’s the first ever in yallwest. at first, we thought it was canceled since no one has came to the bookswap yet and we seen this shelf where you leave a book and get a book in return, so we had thought that was the bookswap, but we know it wasn’t it because it was informal, from claire’s words. so when we get to open our mystery book/s, i got books that i wasn’t familiar, which didn’t capture my interest. so i later donate them to my local library days after yallwest, leading to why i don’t know the titles of each of the books. claire, on the other hand, got the book that she wanted, which was the raven king, so i was happy for her and so was she, though my expression wasn’t the same as hers.

when we were finished opening up the books, we walked back to the book sales area (i have no idea what to call that part of the high school) and we seen the booksplosion crew and natasha (i mean she’s technically not in the group) or the booktubers taking pictures with their fans and claire decides to take a pic though i chose not to. no, not because i was a bit scared to talk to them. i mean, i have met natasha and jesse at the last yallwest, but that was a different me, who had no words of what to say to them. that’s why i plan to talk about something rather than stumbling words a few times and also, it seems like they’re just taking photos and i would rather talk to them in person than escaping the fear of speechlessness and just take a photo of them. but back to the recap, claire did just take a picture of them and give a small greet to each of them. in her words, it was the most awkward thing for about a couple of seconds, and i understand that completely. and we continued to walk back to the book sales area.


as we wait for another giveaway from penguin teen, allison and emma from @emmainbookland-which she was in front of me when we were all waiting to go inside the campus (and if you look at the first picture, the one with the people in line, the head in the lower part of the picture is emma)-were in line for the giveaway as well. during the time of being in line, there were a few people in a table talking and i looked at one of the people and i thought that she look familiar. but minutes later, someone called out my name and i wasn’t sure if that was from allison, claire, or emma, but it was the lady that i looked at earlier. so i did found out that i knew her, who was traci chee, the author of the reader. i had her newsletter so i think that she knew me since i lived in california and that i gave her my info to send me a signed bookmark of the reader. tara sim (author of timekeeper) and jessica cluess (author of a shadow bright and burning) were also with traci and i met tara, who was as great and awesome as traci and she gave me some timekeeper swag and i just cannot wait to read her book, which is exactly what i told her. i knew that it was jessica there as well but i didn’t get to meet her, which was really the saddest thing that i didn’t get to for the whole yallwest experience.

ryan-and-tracionce we all met and received swag, the giveaway started, which was to do with getting a rubber duck in a bucket and whatever we get, we receive a specific book. when claire received the colored duck that wins the reader, i reached the same duck to get the book just to cheer traci up of me receiving the book (though i’m hoping that she did so).

after that, i had to leave claire and her mom so i would wait for the signing for jodi meadows. but her signing wasn’t until about 30 minutes so i went around because i was bored. i’ve actually met xan from twirlingpages along the path and i had to run because i was bit late on getting to the signings so yeah, what a good talk. so at the book signing area, i had to wait in a special line so that those who are in would go in front of the signing line of whatever author he/she would meet. but unfortunately, the line for jodi meadows had started so when i got there, it wasn’t that much of the long line. but it was very long to wait for meeting jodi. so after minutes of everyone in front of me getting to meet her, i finally met her and she was so sweet and nice and she told me to sign her other book that she wrote, incarnate, which is for her readers to sign. i wrote that you’re awesome somewhere in a page of the first/second chapter since there was hardly room in the beginning of the book or even the end.ryan-and-jodi what i should’ve wrote now that i thought about it would be how when i had a conversation with her on twitter at a long time ago, she tweet me how my aspirations for my age back then is amazing and how you shouldn’t stop it and to keep going no matter what. so after signing her book and signing mine, we took a picture together, with the robe that was in the cover in both of the orphan queen duology. and that was all for day one of yallwest.


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