my june 2016 book haul

because this month is usually the start of summer vacation, i promise myself that i shall not buy any books at my local barnes and noble, since at this time of year is when i save my money. the great news is that i end up receiving 2o+ books this month that are from the mail. the bad news is that i end up buying one of the books that i’ll be hauling at barnes and noble. shame on you, ryan. shame on you. but don’t worry. i’ll be hoping to go on a book-buying ban from now on until i get back from school. so let’s get on to showing you the books i’ve acquired on june.


around the first weekend of my summer vacation, b-fest occurred at my barnes and noble. if you don’t know what b-fest is, it’s a new book event for teens involving quizzes, games, signings, and galore. luckily at my local b&n, other than swags and chapter samplers and other bookish stuff laid on the table, there were giving out arcs. and a few of them that i can’t wait to read because either one, these books are one my anticipated books, or two, i hear great things about the book/author that made me want to try and read from the book or author. so i gotten the hundred lies of lizzie lovett by chelsea sedoti, history is all you left me by adam silvera, our chemical hearts by krystal sutherland, we know it was you by maggie thrash, replica by lauren oliver, stalking jack the ripper by kerri maniscalco, fate of flames by sarah raughley, and lastly but not least, boy robot by simon curtis. and i just can’t wait to read history is all you left me, stalking jack the ripper, and fate of flames, which i didn’t expect to be really excited to read before i read the summary.

i also received a copy of this adventure ends by emma mills that i’ve won at the first day of b-fest where a book trivia occurred and whoever gets the highest number of points wins a book of their choosing. and because i won second place, i was able to win a book as well and so, i got this copy because i heard good things about her other book and so, why not.


sometime in may, i ordered 3 books that i wanted to buy at amazon because they are about 10 bucks each, so i couldn’t pass up the opportunity. and weeks later, during the first week of june, i received the books in the mail. so i bought simon v.s. the homo sapiens agenda by becky albertalli because i heard countless great things about it and i’m curious what it is that’s great about it. i also bought the raven boys by maggie stiefvater even though i have read this book years ago. i wanted to buy this book in hardcover because i adored their hardcovers and i need to reread this book so i can continue reading this series that’s everyone is loving. the last book i purchased at amazon was seven black diamonds by melissa marr. books about faeries are the only kind of books that i have not read and the summary convinced me to add it to my cart.

paige-one of my good friends on twitter (you should check her out here because she is awesome and one of the funniest people i know on twitter)-kind of convinced me to go to the scholastic book fair that she is volunteering because i can get cheap books and to see her in person. even though we’ve met for a bit because paige was busy with stuff while i looked at the books, i my parents purchased these books that i didn’t think would be there. i got scarlet by marissa meyer because i want to match the series in hardcover and the harry potter books 6 and 7 because i need to read it since i only read the sorcerer’s stone. these books were like 10 bucks as well but if you think about it, it’s great because the harry potter books can be very expensive.

i went to barnes and noble because i needed to purchase a book for my summer ap assignment that i have to read in order to do the assignment. and that was i know why the caged bird sings by maya angelou. i definitely heard about her, it’s just that i never got to the point of reading her books and now that i am forced to read it, i’ll see how this book is. just because i only bought that book doesn’t mean i’ll leave with that. right after i picked up the book, i decided to looked at the new releases and i end up getting 2 new releases, which are summer days and summer nights by stephanie perkins and american girls by alison umminger.


and for these last batch of books, i received these books other than purchasing them at a bookstore or a book fair nor from a book event. i went to my public library, casually checking out books at the young adult section. right after i check the books out, i decided to look around at the books that they are selling depending on what kind of copy it is. i found an arc of crystal kingdom by amanda hocking on there and so i pay them a quarter and went home with this book. but wait, aren’t arcs illegal to sell and buy? i know that but one of the people who works there says that whatever book is there has to be paid. i rebutted her back by telling her that these kind of copy aren’t subjected to be purchased. and 2 minutes after we went back to back with our clash, i ended it there with a quarter in the cash register (i know it’s just a quarter but i’m still against with the “arcs not for sale going up for sale”).

i went with my guts and go for an email request of a book that was in my tbr on goodreads for such a long time and 2 weeks after i send the email to the publisher, they accepted my request and sends me a physical copy. for a first email request, i am speechless. like literally. i had to keep my mouth shut because it happened during class. and that book was nevernight by jay kristoff. the summary and the fact it’s written by freakin’ jay kristoff instantly becomes one of my anticipated reads of 2016 after loving illuminae and the lotus war trilogy a while back. thank you st. martin’s press for sending me a copy and i totally can’t wait to read it and to end up in madness of how to write out my thoughts later on.

and my last set of books i’m showing to you are the books i received from #booksfortrade, which is one of my go-to places where i trade off books for books that i’ve been wanting to get for a while for a cheap price…and a long wait. in the mail, i got girl in pieces by kathleen glasgow (thank you sally!), the raven king by maggie stiefvater (you too, amanda), and the novice by taran matharu (and to you as well, jennifer).

and here is a recap of all the books i’ve obtained this june.

at b-fest

  • boy robot by simon curtis
  • fate of flames by sarah raughley
  • history is all you left me by adam silvera
  • our chemical hearts by krystal sutherland
  • replica by lauren oliver
  • stalking jack the ripper by kerri maniscalco
  • the hundred lies of lizzie lovett by chelsea sedoti
  • this adventure ends by emma mills
  • we know it was you by maggie thrash



  • american girls by alison umminger
  • harry potter and the deathly hallows by j.k. rowling
  • harry potter and the half-blood prince by j.k. rowling
  • i know why the cage bird sings by maya angelou
  • scarlet by marissa meyer
  • seven black diamonds by melissa marr
  • simon v.s. the homo sapiens agenda by becky albertalli
  • summer days and summer nights by stephanie perkins
  • the raven boys by maggie stiefvater


purchased at local library

  • crystal kingdom by amanda hocking


books for trade

  • girl in pieces by kathleen glasgow
  • the novice by taran matharu
  • the raven king by maggie stiefvater


via publisher

  • nevernight by jay kristoff


total: 23 books

just tell me. what books did you acquired this month? what books have you have that i also have that we are most excited for? what are some books that you see that you envy that i have it in my hands? tell me everything.


12 thoughts on “my june 2016 book haul

  1. Oh, wow! So many great books! Congrats on getting approved for NEVERNIGHT; I’ve read it and I really enjoyed it– hope you do too! 🙂 and OMG REPLICA I would DIE for that ARC & case, not even kidding! Hope you enjoy all your new books!!


    1. Thank you! I can’t wait to read Nevernight, but at the same time, I’m hoping I won’t get confused. And even though I got Replica, I’m giving them to my friends since I want to get the FC but I’m sorry that I didn’t get one for you.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Don’t worry; I was a little confused too but I got the overall plot in NN! Hope you love it! That’s alright; if you ever find yourself with an extra one, don’t hesitate to let me know! 😉


      2. I was hoping to find someone who can help me with what this and that in Nevernight but you’re the one I can go to so thank you very much for helping me. 😀


  2. Wow, that is a really big list! I obviously approve of you buying some Harry Potter books. 😉 I also recently finished the Lunar Chronicles and definitely recommend it, but Scarlet was my least favourite. Cress and Winter, though… they were amazing! I’m reading Simon Vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda soon, for the Pokémon Go Readathon. I’ve heard great things about it!

    Liked by 1 person

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