the book bug tag

hi guys and here is my the book bug tag. first of all, thank you claire from blankslaters, one of my best twitter friends, for tagging me and let’s get to it. if you’re interested in doing this tag, yet i don’t know you, you should totally go for it. but for those i know who want to do so, you can check below if you’re one of the people i tagged. so let’s do this.


here are the rules:

+ copy/paste the rules and the tag logo

+ thank whoever nominated you, and don’t forget to link to their blog

+ come up with a book for each bug category

+ nominate as many or as little bloggers as you’d like

so, number one,

butterfly: a cover you found most aesthetically pleasing

the cover for how it feels to fly by kathryn holmes really screams aesthetics yet satisfying. i mean, just look at it.



ant: a book/series that had in your opinion, incredibly strong writing

the lotus war trilogy definitely has that strong writing that gives off how jay kristoff writes his novels. it had very detailed writing that really shows how great he is besides of the fact that he is trying to destroy us within reading his books, yet loving it at the end.

stormdancer     kinslayer     endsinger


moth: a book that had you up at all hours of the night

i’m not exactly the kind of person who stays up to read other than during the summer because it takes school out of the way, but back in middle school, i was reading the first book in the cirque du freak by darren shan (i forgot the title of the book), i was reading that book nonstop until i’ve finished it in the middle of the night. i had no idea how that book grabbed me but it did.


fly: a character that really bothered you

hannah from in real life by jessica love really got in my nerve while reading the book. she was full of jealousy and she was making these bad decisions along the way that makes me very bothered. i don’t seem angry but from the looks of it, it kind of does.



bee: a book that has had a lot of buzz, either recently or in the past

an ember in the ashes by sabaa tahir was the book that was really hyped back in 2015 and in 2014 as well and i’ve yet to read this book and possibly the sequel.



firefly: a book that makes you light up, which you always want to bring up

the start of me and you by emery lord will always and forever in my heart make me light up. the characters in the book will make you light up. ryan and max, especially, will make you light up because they are the most perfect characters of all time.



flea: a book that hasn’t been released yet and you’re itching to read it

caraval by stephanie garber is the book i need to have and read it right away after so many people have read it and love it, like claire, and it really makes me want to grab this book so badly and to immediately start the book.


and eight,

cockroach: a villain you despised who had your skin crawling

i really despised adri from the lunar chronicles by marissa meyer even though she’s not the main antagonist in the series. she doesn’t make my skin crawl but instead trying to fight her to the death. yeah it’s lethal and very violent but it’s like saying i’m going to fight umbridge in a wand battle to the death.


bonus: do you have any books with bugs on the cover? share it!

the only book that’s on my shelf that has bugs is the stars never rise by rachel vincent. the cover is very stunning, especially the butterfly. and i’ve yet to continue reading the book since i stop reading suddenly and never got to the point of reading more because i felt like it, not because i didn’t hate the book at all.


and that is the end of the book bug tag. thank you for reading and if so, comment me on how good how it feels to fly is because i’ve been eyeing that book for a while and i heard good things about this book. so i’ll be tagging:

ali from arctic books

andrew from endlessly reading

brianna and angelina from fables library

jesalin from jbelkbooks

kaitlin from next page please!

and lastly, but not least,

melissa from the reader and the chef



5 thoughts on “the book bug tag

  1. Thanks for the tag, Ryan! I am doing it right now bc FUN. Anywhoo, you MUST read An Ember in the Ashes. I really really really liked it and I can’t wait for the sequel. I also cannot wait for Caraval!


  2. Aw man, I really didn’t like Adri either. She didn’t make my skin crawl but she was so despicable, you know? I also can’t wait for Caraval! I’m seeing that book everywhere. And I know what you mean about Cirque du Freak – those books were VERY hard to put down.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know. she makes me clench my fist more than levana. and weirdly, I’ve only read the first book of the cirque du freak series after reading for the entire day.


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