book review – the start of me and you


the start of me and you by emery lord

release date – march 31st, 2015

genre – ya contemporary romance

publisher / imprint – bloomsbury

buy book here – amazon | barnes and noble | book depository

source – purchased copy from barnes and noble

summary (from goodreads) –

it’s been a year since it happened—when paige hancock’s first boyfriend died in an accident. after shutting out the world for two years, paige is finally ready for a second chance at high school . . . and she has a plan. first: get her old crush, ryan chase, to date her—the perfect way to convince everyone she’s back to normal. next: join a club—simple, it’s high school after all. but when ryan’s sweet, nerdy cousin, max, moves to town and recruits paige for the quiz bowl team (of all things!) her perfect plan is thrown for a serious loop. will paige be able to face her fears and finally open herself up to the life she was meant to live?

my feelings with this book were as identical as before: swoony, delightful, and most importantly, heartfelt. this book will always make me happy on the inside. whenever i feel not as great or sad, i’ll definitely read this book. whenever i feel in the mood for a nostalgic read that still makes me good inside, this is where i go to read. the start of me and you will easily capture your heart that makes you feel great and also sad at the same time, in such a good way. even when i read a short snippet of the book, i’ll always end up happy.

“‘the point is that we already know it doesn’t work out, but we reread them anyway, because the good stuff that comes before the ending is worth it.'” (page 124)

this book deals with just not some swoony romance that people always look forward for in most contemporaries but also splendid friendships and relationships, unique family dynamics, and undergoing grief and depression. this book should be considered a true contemporary. many contemporaries do mainly focus on one thing that defines what the story is about, but with this story, it’s many things.

in the story, paige is trying to move on with her boyfriend’s death but she doesn’t necessarily know how. so she decided to write a list of things and once she accomplishes them, not only she get can get over her grief, but to also change herself over time. what she wrote on the list are: getting ryan chase, her childhood crush, to be her boyfriend, attend parties, trying to join a club at her high school, to travel, and one of the most challenging thing on her list, to swim. you will learn how to move on not just because of the grief that’s holding you back, but moving on from the other things on the past that defines you who you are that you can’t let go of.

the characters were the most perfect human beings i’ve ever read. take ryan and max for example. those two are cousins, first of all. it’s so weird how even though they are total opposites, that doesn’t hold them back with their friendship. they’re actually adorable when they’re together, like when they sang “deck the halls” like they’re those people who sang christmas carols in front of people’s home. that was so cute! i don’t have cousins who have the guts to carol in front of a stranger’s door or that i even have good relationships with my cousins, unlike ryan and max, even though filipino families, like mine, are family-oriented.

“but even if i could have seen a glimpse of my future, max was right. knowing what happens is different from how it happens. and getting there is the best part.” (page 373)

and then we have paige’s friends: tessa, morgan, and kayleigh. it’s like paige has the best friends you could ever imagine. they support each other, they help each other out when one is in crisis, and they are happy that they consider them as their best friends. the only one complaint i got when i reread this, and this is entirely new since i never complain about this when i read it for the first time, but there were a few chapters where at the end of the chapter, it has some sort of quote about how our bonds will never break or when we stick together, we are at its strongest. that’s not what the quote said, i’m just summarizing what they’re about. but whenever this happens when i finished a chapter, i’m a bit tired with reading this sort of thing over and over because i get it now: your friends are your life support.

“love extra, my grandmother had said. even if it means you hurt extra, too.” (page 355)

what’s also great is how the fam are in the book as well, unlike some books that contain no or not as significant role in the book. it’s not like lord sets aside the parents or the siblings like they take no part in the book. they actually do. we have a family who are reviving after the divorce between the parents, a grandparent that is mentally ill that puts her life in danger, and a sibling who doesn’t know how she can handle all of this when there’s no one to ease the stress away, even paige, leading to their sisterly tension between her and paige. but they are progressing as well. it’s not like paige is the only one in her family that’s trying to move on from her suffering.

this is what a contemporary is. i’m telling you. you have to read this right after reading this review. even after rereading this book, the start of me and you is still one of the best contemporaries I’ve read. i love it so much that i’ll be going up to people at the bookstore and tell them to pick this book up so that i want them to read and feel the same way i did. this book has made me happy ever since I have laid on since the first page and it will forever be. so if you just read her latest novel, when we collided,  and you want to pick up one of her books, you should totally read this book next if you’re wanting to read something more delightful than that. but don’t take it into consideration since i haven’t read open road summer, but either way, her books will makes you feel good on the inside.

“”i am living my life now. period.” (page 366)



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