june wrap up + favorites

hello everyone!!! i’m back from my 9-month blogging hiatus. as you may know, i posted a few posts prior to this so i’m back into the blogging spirit! june means that school is finally over and i can finally read and blog as much as i could! i just got my grades back in the mail and i am happy with my grades; however i was low-key pissed when i saw what was my final grade for ap psychology. i wish i can tell you the full story behind this dilemma but that would mean i’ll be going to a full-on rant about it so i’m just going to leave it at that. but school’s over so i shouldn’t get any stress hit over me again.

because i’m on summer vacation, i get to watch two movies that i both loved in their own way. when i saw that moana was on netflix, i flipped. i’ve been wanting to watch it ever since it was hyped up when the trailers were out. i instantly watched it once my eyes were focused on it and i adored it so much. to be honest, i thought the pig would join in moana’s adventure but instead, it has to be the dumb rooster that joins her. that was the only thing i was disappointed. but still, five stars for this one. and i get to see wonder woman in theaters a few weeks after this movie was released. out of the dc movies that came out, this is unsurprisingly, my favorite. totally empowering and riveting. my only setback about it is how “dark” it still is. i was hoping it didn’t have that kind of tone since both batman and superman and suicide squad had that atmosphere. to add it all up after seeing wonder woman, the dc extended universe movies will definitely be “dark”, whether it seems like it may be lighter than the other movies from that same franchise. four and half stars. that won’t mean i love moana more than wonder woman. i love them both equally.

it’s truly awesome when i can fully relax and just read. the worrying about ap summer assignments and college applications can just wait until school comes around. and no, i’m not procrastinating, i’m just trying to enjoy the summer with the time i get with reading blogging and such. i love the feeling when i lay my back on my bed at a close 45 degree angle as i read. it’s certainly nostalgic and delightful. but anyways, i was able to read and review these books that i didn’t get the chance to truly make it happen last month.

books read and review posted this month:










  • ready player one // ernest cline – 4/5 ★★★★☆
  • to all the boys i’ve loved before // jenny han – 2.5/5 (bumped down to 2) ★★☆☆☆ REVIEW HERE
  • the impossible vastness of us // samantha young – 3.5/5 (bumped up to 4) ★★★★☆ REVIEW HERE
  • invictus // ryan graudin – 3.5/5 (bumped up to 4) ★★★★☆ REVIEW SOON TO COME

this month also hold some of my most anticipated music albums from some of my favorite singers and bands that i had to wait for the longest time just so i could listen to their beautiful, distinctive voices.

albums listened this month:








  • hopeless fountain kingdom // halsey – 5/5 (DESERVES ALL THE STARS!!!) ★★★★★
  • melodrama // lorde – 4/5 (bumped up to 4) ★★★★☆
  • evolve // imagine dragons – 2/5 (so disappointed with this one!) ★★☆☆☆

let me start with halsey’s new sophomore album. this was definitely better than her first album! this album as a whole is a bop that i would listen to multiple times that i will never get tired of it (this would definitely changed though since i say this so often that later on i end up not listening to them anymore lol). if you want to know what my favorite songs are, they’re alone, walls could talk, bad in loveheaven in hiding, angels on fire, devil in me, and strangers. that’s like more than half the number of songs in this album so you see why i loved this album very much. it’s becoming one of my top favorite albums of all time. i’ve fallen in love with halsey and her music so much all because of this album. just listened to her music, that’s my recommendation.

it’s sooooooo long since we get to listen to lorde. nearly four years since her last album! you don’t know how shocked i was when i saw that green light came out. if i were to describe this album in one word, it would be motley, in a positive way. all of her songs’ production each are very distinct, in which i’m a fan of. for an album that centers on relationships and love, it’s great that it’s not about breakups and the sad emotions pouring the hell out of the singer. there were a few songs i picked up that i end up adding: homemade dynamite, the louvre, writer in the dark, and perfect places. melodrama was worth the wait, that’s for sure.

lastly, imagine dragons’ newest album came out and was i overly anticipating on this? HELL YEAH!!!! their sophomore album, smokes + mirrors, blown me away in a way i didn’t expect. i loved that album so much that i end up being a fan with alternative and indie rock. the songs had a gritty and hardcore feel to it that’s very different from their music. their approach to their songs was one reason i loved that album very much and to imagine dragons themselves. when i listened to believer and thunder (as singles) prior to the release of evolve, i both loved them that after i listened to each of them, i added them to “my music” on spotify so that i can listen to them over and over again. but here’s the problem with how it went downhill. in this album went to another different approach that would stand out from their other albums. evolve was leaning to the softer type of rock and somewhat adult contemporary-ish as it fuses pop rock in it. although i’m all for any kind of rock music, i wasn’t a big fan of the album itself. excluding to the two songs i’ve already listened to, i only added one new song that became an instant favorite from evolve, which is i don’t know why. the main reason why this album was pretty underwhelming was because i was expecting to love the musicality of their songs. i don’t know why had that, but from the other new songs that i also listened to it didn’t had it. either that or because their songs doesn’t make me want me to jam out and for me to instantly add to my playlist. i was trying so hard to make me want to remember this album like it was yesterday if i ever listened to it years later, but i just can’t.

what did you guys read and what kind of music have you listened to this month? i would love to know!


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