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hey! i am ryan or secretly known as “bada-bing” in school because of my last name. one of the many things i do at home includes reading (obviously), watch t.v., and going on my phone to either play games or go on twitter to talk with my book people there and possibly snapchat where i look at friends’ snaps and i contemplate how dull my life is. my life already is, but sometimes it’s not, which is how i have hope on much i will enjoy the life i’ll be living in the near future. the things i enjoy the most is book-buying, getting a better grade than i thought it would be on a test that i might have failed on, and being with my friends (both you and in real life). i read in a pace in an odd way. i usually start out a bit slowly but once i read more, i end up reading quickly. the more i read, the longer i’ll be able to read in such a fast pace. but once, i stop reading, i go back to the normal, yet slow pace i always read in.

one of the many secrets that you might not know about me is that i understand math in an…understandable way, which you might be saying “lucky you” because most of my friends just either suck on it or don’t understand it or just completely hates it because of the last two reasons. just because i understand math doesn’t mean i completely like it. i mean it’s alright, but i get a bit frustrated on solving whatever problem that i learned in class, though that happens really rarely.

i am a perfectionist when it comes to books and even in reality. yes, i have certain standards to what i look forward to in a book and the genre, but at least i won’t be as disgruntled as len / that mean judge from dancing with the stars (maybe i’ll do, but mostly not). and in reality, it’s different that, where i just fix things to be perfect, mostly writing / grammatical errors.

and lastly, my inner thought is the exact opposite of me from the outside. while i am shy and quiet at times, my mind becomes filled with many unique ideas and views that i want to come out for the sake of showing who i am. but my inner thought can take over me and can control my emotions and feelings that ends up in a disaster (true fact). and this is one of the many reasons why i have a blog. just so i won’t let that happen again by letting my inner thought to be able to control its opinions here.


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