june wrap up + favorites

hello everyone!!! i’m back from my 9-month blogging hiatus. as you may know, i posted a few posts prior to this so i’m back into the blogging spirit! june means that school is finally over and i can finally read and blog as much as i could! i just got my grades back in the mail and i am happy with my grades; however i was low-key pissed when i saw what was my final grade for ap psychology. i wish i can tell you the full story behind this dilemma but that would mean i’ll be going to a full-on rant about it so i’m just going to leave it at that. but school’s over so i shouldn’t get any stress hit over me again.

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my august/september 2016 book haul

hey guys! at this time of year, i would go back to school and so are those teen bloggers out there (maybe those who are about to start out and for those who are reading and are freshmens at the moment, don’t slack off, but have fun as well. you’re just almost there to escaping hell…if you’re optimistic enough.). it’s so hard to juggle everything in my personal life when it comes to school (i know i say that often but i really do). what doesn’t stop me is the fact i am still blogging and even buying books or just somehow getting more books.


more than half of the book i’ve gotten within the months was from #booksfortrade. allison, one of the sweetest book friends i’ve ever met send me a few books she got while she was at sdcc because i mailed her a book that she wanted so much that i gave it to her since she would want it than i do. i’ve got of fire and stars by audrey coulthurst and an ember in the ashes by sabaa tahir, which was the exclusive comic-on edition, though it’s just a letter and an excerpt of the sequel, but i’ve been wanting to read it because i never went through a day without seeing people talk about the book and the sequel as well now that it’s out. thank you, allison for the books and go check out her and her blog. the next book i have is captive prince by cs pacat. i heard somewhat reviews that are both great and bad, but i’ll try to be the judge of that. thanks claire for the book so it can go to a better home! then i have the heir by kiera cass and with malice by eileen cook, in which they need to be in a better home as well from brianna/angelina (thank you, whoever send me them, but it doesn’t because you guys are great, no matter what). this trade wasn’t intentionally what we want to giveaway or trade but since i have a book that she wanted and she had a book that i wanted, we decided to trade it. and so, i got the darkest corners by kara thomas. thank you ali for both the book and the swag! and lastly, but not the least praising, are something in between by melissa de la cruz (thank you, hannah!), asunder by jodi meadows (you as well, brooke), eleanor and park by rainbow rowell (and you too, veronica!), and we are the ants by shaun david hutchinson (brittany, also to you!).


and the other half of these books were what i got at barnes and noble. i bought empire of storms by sarah j. maas, because it’s better to get it than later since i haven’t start the series even though i have all of her books. and because i read this book for review, which you see here, i bought the finished copy of nevernight by jay kristoff because i want to support my favorite authors and that i love it so much that i need one for a collection (though not in a die-hard way). then i got the queen of blood by sarah beth durst and i wasn’t intended to buy this book because i was supposed to buy three dark crowns but since i seen people with this book, i checked the summary it pulled me that i chose to buy this than three dark crowns, but don’t worry, i’ll have that book at some time…i hope. i also got the perks of being a wallflower by stephen chbosky and yes, i read it already in just 3 days and i loved it. i’ll tell you why and also on the movie once i put up my review of both the movie and the book. i also got to kill a mockingbird by harper lee and the alchemist by paulo coelho. the reason for that is because i seem to feel in the mood to read both adult fiction slash classics slash nonfiction and me reading and buying them sort of feel like i’m exploring through my reading taste.

and the last part was just happened randomly. because i found a good copy at the library before, i decided to look at the section of books for donation and what i stumbled was out of a guess and what the book was was the sacred lies of minnow bly by stephanie oakes because of the spine and when i looked back to see that book, that was it. and so i payed for it, again, because they still considered it as a book and not an arc in which it’s not subjected to buy or sell, and it’s just how it is even though i hate the system they’re doing.

so here is a recap of the books i received in the month of august and september.

books for trade

  • an ember in the ashes by sabaa tahir
  • asunder by jodi meadows
  • captive prince by c.s. pacat
  • eleanor and park by rainbow rowell
  • of fire and stars by audrey coulthurst
  • something in between by melissa de la cruz
  • the darkest corners by kara thomas
  • the heir by kiera cass
  • we are the ants by shaun david hutchinson
  • with malice by eileen cook


  • empire of storms by sarah j. maas
  • nevernight by jay kristoff
  • the alchemist by paulo coelho
  • the perks of being a wallflower by stephen chbosky
  • the queen of blood by sarah beth durst
  • to kill a mockingbird by harper lee


purchased at library

  • the sacred lies of minnow bly by stephanie oakes


total: 17 books

so what books have you got recently? i would love to know in the comments and i’ll be back in another haul and/or post so you will know i can blog again even though i have a busy schedule all day.

my june 2016 book haul

because this month is usually the start of summer vacation, i promise myself that i shall not buy any books at my local barnes and noble, since at this time of year is when i save my money. the great news is that i end up receiving 2o+ books this month that are from the┬ámail. the bad news is that i end up buying one of the books that i’ll be hauling at barnes and noble. shame on you, ryan. shame on you. but don’t worry. i’ll be hoping to go on a book-buying ban from now on until i get back from school. so let’s get on to showing you the books i’ve acquired on june.

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yallwest 2016: part one

hi! i’m back from this…unnotified hiatus that happened, like 2 months ago, and during that hiatus, yallwest was around the corner, which is one of the reasons i had to decide to do this, which totally makes me look like i’m such a bad blogger who can’t keep up with posting. but anyway, i’m back and i can tell you how the experience yallwest was for the second time.

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