my june 2016 book haul

because this month is usually the start of summer vacation, i promise myself that i shall not buy any books at my local barnes and noble, since at this time of year is when i save my money. the great news is that i end up receiving 2o+ books this month that are from the┬ámail. the bad news is that i end up buying one of the books that i’ll be hauling at barnes and noble. shame on you, ryan. shame on you. but don’t worry. i’ll be hoping to go on a book-buying ban from now on until i get back from school. so let’s get on to showing you the books i’ve acquired on june.

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yallwest 2016: part one

hi! i’m back from this…unnotified hiatus that happened, like 2 months ago, and during that hiatus, yallwest was around the corner, which is one of the reasons i had to decide to do this, which totally makes me look like i’m such a bad blogger who can’t keep up with posting. but anyway, i’m back and i can tell you how the experience yallwest was for the second time.

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